"We can go on our lovely weekly walks again,

thanks to having my hip surgery"

"Thanks to my elbow surgery, I can get

back to pruning that flourishing rose bush"

"Now that the pins & needles have disappeared,

thanks to my hand surgery, I can finish knitting

those jumpers for my grandchildren"

Most commonly asked questions answered
“The vast majority of individuals
who undergo hip replacement
surgery experience a dramatic
reduction of hip pain and a
significant improvement in their
ability to perform the common
activities of daily living.”
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Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Knee and hip replacements are major surgery so be sure you go for a skilled surgeon who is experienced at performing these operations.

When faced with the need to choose a surgeon for your joint replacement, it can be overwhelming. How do you choose? How do you know?

You might ask friends, family, your GP or the local NHS hospital who will say to you “Mr X is highly/well respected in our area” or “Mr X is the ‘top’ surgeon”. You might ask and be told by others who had Mr X do their hip/knee and were delighted and found him “approachable, understanding and such a nice person”.

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